TO DO: Explore LinkedIn

In the public relations course that I am currently taking, I have been exploring and looking to expand my use of social media. I consider myself Facebook-proficient like the majority of my peers, but now I would like to begin using more platforms of social media. I have been exposed to Twitter for about two years, but now I want to begin using Twitter more effectively.

LinkedIn is completely new for me, but I am looking to enter the realm of LinkedIn and the post titled “26 Tips to Enhance Your Experience on LinkedIn” has been very helpful to me as a beginner of LinkedIn.

This post contains an A-Z index of how to begin successfully and efficiently using LinkedIn. It includes information on:


Blog links

Company pages

Direct ad campaigns


Following companies


Help Center




Linking to your profile

Mobile uses

Network statistics









…and many more

How this has helped me:

This blog post of using the alphabet to organize the different categories of LinkedIn has been very helpful for me as I begin my LinkedIn profile. I am skimming it to get my page up and running but as I continue to dig deeper and using LinkedIn more effectively, I can explore all of the “pieces of the alphabet” and advice that this post has to offer.


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